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*About Me*

Hi friends and fans of Treebee Soap! It's so exciting to show you all the FUN products I have been creating. People ask me how I came to be in the bath and body business. This is how it began.... My 4 older kids were married and starting super cute families, my youngest daughter had just gotten married, my youngest son was in Peru for 2 years, and I was bored! So I started to research. I spent many hours, days, weeks, months researching how-to s and experimenting. (Those of you who sew or do other crafts can relate. I used to sew everything my kids wore!) Well, after a large amount of money and time and many trial and ERRORS, I came up with products I am really excited about! My Products are made with the finest ingredients. I make them myself, so I know. Those of you who have been fans already, thank you so much for your business and repeat patronage. To those of you who haven't yet tried Treebee Soap, try it! You will love it! From the Soap-by-the-Slice to the Soft Cloths and Lipitz, it's a feeling of luxury and spa-like comfort. I promise, you will want to try them all! The gift sets are fun, because you can put together in a cellophane bag any of the many products tied with a bow for just .75! Thank you for shopping! Let me know how you like Treebee! It's just Good Clean Fun!

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